81. Tara Walpert Levy

Visible World

81. Tara Walpert Levy

Tara Walpert Levy is changing the way we watch television . . . ads, that is. As president of Visible World, she has tweaked the directmail model to help advertisers target audiences, down to particular households. “You and I will be watching the same show, but I have 8-month-old twins, so maybe I’ll see a Pampers ad,” she says. “If you’re 30 and single, you might get a travel ad.” Levy’s data suppliers link information about demographics and purchase habits to set-top boxes but do not identify individual consumers. The result: ads that seem relevant but not uncomfortably so.


VisibleWorld brings together the worlds of creative and media; data and media. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

What conference or gathering do you find most inspiring?

I just went for the first time to Summit Series, which launched a few years ago and is a mini-TED for the next generation of leaders. The range of topics and depth of expertise among the attendees, much less the speakers, stretches your brain and your heart and reminds you how much talent there is in the world and how many hard problems (business, social, political) remain to be solved. Disproportionately attended by leading Internet entrepreneurs in the for-profit and non-profit community, the conference demonstrates powerfully how much young leaders are empowered by technology and are making a big difference in changing how we interact and live.

Watch Walpert explain how Visible World works at the New Politics Institute.


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