72. Ryan Seacrest

72. Ryan Seacrest

As a kid, Ryan Seacrest spent hours watching game shows–but not for glitz and giveaways. “I just loved seeing normal people on television,” he recalls. “It was so interesting and relatable.” Decades later, those same tenets drive Ryan Seacrest Productions, whose diverse crop of reality hits includes ABC’s Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, which follows the celebrity chef from small towns to L.A., and E!’s flotilla of Kardashian family antics (“The exterior is glamour, but it’s The Brady Bunch,” he says). It helps, of course, that Seacrest hosts America’s most popular TV series (American Idol) and a radio program (On Air With Ryan Seacrest)–positions that put him in touch with the public so he can gauge buzz on possible show subjects. “Talking is what I do,” he says, “but listening is my job.”


I used to average four hours of sleep a night. Now it’s 6 or 7. I’m getting better!

Watch Seacrest engaging in some hijinx in an E! News van, followed by a teaser for the premiere of Khloe & Lamar.


Is there a song guaranteed to amp up your creative spirit?

My job is to countdown 40 songs each week on the chart, so my strategy is more volume than specifics–everything from Nicki Minaj to Frank Sinatra.