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56. Sunni Brown

BrightSpot I.D.

56. Sunni Brown

If Sunni Brown has her way, doodling will explode from the margins of the notebooks of bored meeting attendees to achieve monumental size—and the respect it deserves. "Visual language is one of your best friends," she says. "Giving an idea shape and a visual representation makes it come to fruition." Her consultancy helps clients such as Disney and Razorfish achieve brighter brainstorming and juicier collaboration by doodling. And at conferences around the world, from Austin to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, her "sketch notes" on mural-size sheets of butcher paper bring keynotes to life in real time.


Strategic doodling allows people to co-create. It lets people look at something from different angles while all sharing the same mental image.

Watch an exclusive Fast Company video of Brown doodling her creative process, followed by her presentation from Foo Camp 2010 and an interview about the power of visual thinking.