54. Christian Parkes

How do we tell the stories of the people? This is what Christian Parkes, now Global Senior Director of Marketing, asked himself when he joined Levi’s a year ago and was tasked with running the brand’s Braddock, Pennsylvania, project. The campaign featured iconic ads showing hardworking, denim-clad locals, and inventive municipal investment–Levi’s poured more than $1 million into civic projects such as an urban farm and a new community center. Parkes’s latest effort aims to involve consumers beyond buying jeans through a Levi’s Facebook app that promotes the company’s waterless denim collection with a game. Users who meet challenges “unlock” monetary donations to a water-conservation charity that Levi’s has deposited in escrow. “We’re empowering you to create the change,” Parkes says.


These videos document the collaboration between Levi Strauss and Braddock, Pennsylvania, which began in 2010.

Creating a new collection is a process of change in which everyone contributes.

There’s an honesty and soul attached to [Levi’s Braddock campaign] that surpassed anything I ever worked on before.


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