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44. Andy Mooney

"To make your mark, you have to do things other people thought were insane," says Andy Mooney, chairman of Disney Consumer Products. It's fitting, then, that the former Nike CMO is taking an iconoclastic approach at Disney, setting aside the Mouse to create new product categories, like Disney Princess, which is now a $4-billion-a-year business. He is also behind Disney Baby onesies, which will (controversially) be doled out to new moms in the hospital mere moments after they give birth. "In the case of Disney," he says, "my biggest ideas were a challenge to get through the system."


Who are the most creative people you know?

The rock guitar greats. Nothing they do is normal. Hendrix was a left-handed musician playing a right-handed guitar upside down. Ritchie Blackmore scalloped out the neck of his guitar to play it faster.

Watch an interview with Mooney about what inspires him.