37. Shahrzad Rafati


37. Shahrzad Rafati

“You’re not going to stop piracy,” says Shahrzad Rafati. “Fans think of themselves as fans who just want to share a great Kobe dunk.” Rafati, who moved from Tehran to Vancouver in 2000 to study computer science, founded BroadbandTV to “take the fear out of the web” for content owners like Warner Bros., Sony, EA, and the NBA. Her technology identifies copyrighted content not just on YouTube but everywhere a user might upload video, then sells ads against it and shares the revenue with the owner. “We’ve claimed and monetized hundreds of thousands of videos for the NBA over the last two years,” Rafati says.


A trailer for the latest Harry Potter film from BroadbandTV’s YouTube channel.

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Facebook: Facebook.com/shahrzad.rafati

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/shahrzadf


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