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30. Chip Kelly

University of Oregon Football

30. Chip Kelly

The most unorthodox head coach in college football, Chip Kelly revamped the already novel spread offense—no huddles between plays and receivers spread across the field—and pushed play to warp speed. The mighty Ducks take minimal time between snaps, disorienting defenses with nonstop action. Last season, the Ducks averaged 47 points per game, more than any other team, and outscored opponents in the fourth quarter 123-27. In January, Kelly led Oregon to its first championship game, barely losing to Auburn. Other coaches dissect Oregon's game film and study his crazily efficient practices, which are mapped out in five-minute segments. There's no need for wind sprints—the players race to squeeze 30 plays into just 10 minutes. If he had directed Gone With the Wind, Kelly joked to the L.A. Times, he would have found a shortcut: "Get right to Atlanta, burn the buildings, and yell, 'Time!'"


Video highlights from the Oregon vs. Oregon State 2010 Civil War.