A Smartphone Breathalyzer To Keep On Your Keychain

Sober enough to drive? Let Breathometer tell you.

Not sure if those drinks have worn off yet? Before starting the engine, Breathometer wants you to use its smartphone Breathalyzer. The company announced Wednesday its portable device, compatible with iOS and Android, will begin shipping in October.


Breathometer began as an Indiegogo campaign, far surpassing its $25,000 goal by raising $138,377. Retailing for $50, the Breathalyzer is small enough to fit on a keychain and plugs into the audio jack of smartphones. The company says its FDA-grade sensor can register a breath blown from an inch away (for sharing among friends) and is accurate to plus or minus .01 BAC. In addition to showing blood alcohol content, the app has features to call a cab and show how long it will be until a person is sober again.

[Images: Breathometer]

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