See Photos Of Big Freedia, The “Queen of Bounce,” Setting Twerking World Record

Today in Herald Square, just outside the doors of Macy’s flagship store, the New Orleans Bounce music phenomenon known as Big Freeida, set the Guinness World Record for the most people twerking at once. Over three hundred people shook their butts for two straight minutes. It was a motley crowd: tourists, middle-aged ladies with fanny packs, men in business suits, and young gals in booty shorts. There were even a few children. The stunt comes in advance of Big Freedia’s new reality show, Big Freedia, Queen of Bounce, which premiers on Fuse on October 2nd.

Before the twerk-a-thon started, a Guinness representative took the stage and outlined proper twerking form. He defined the dance move as the “up and down motion of the butt.” Side to side motion was not acceptable. Moreover, hands could be placed on knees, but not on the ankles or the ground. The Guinness rep warned that anyone caught with his or her hands hands on the ground would not be counted toward the record.

So how’d it go? Perhaps afraid of growing tired–and conscious of maintaining proper form– many people seemed to twerk in slow motion. There was far more knee bouncing on display than butt boogie. This was mildly disappointing; the whole point of twerking is to let your freak ass flag fly. So the next time you jump on the dance floor, put your hands on the ground, or in the air, or any other place you like. As Big Freedia knows better than anyone, you can’t box in the booty.

[Photos by Jennifer Miller for Fast Company]