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Target Eyes iTunes With Its New On-Demand Video Service

The retailer has unveiled a subscription-free, on-demand video service to compete with the likes of iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.

Target Eyes iTunes With Its New On-Demand Video Service

Yes, there's another branded streaming-video service on the block—this time, from Target. The retailer today launched Target Ticket, a video-on-demand service that will allow customers to rent or purchase 30,000 movies and purchase next-day episodes of more than 50 TV shows.

Target Ticket's business model is more like those of iTunes and Amazon Instant Video than Netflix. Target Ticket members don't pay a monthly subscription fee, and there's no sign-up fee to join. Members simply pay for the videos they'd like to purchase or rent.

At launch, Target is aggressively touting the service's extensive parental controls and availability on a wide range of compatible devices to appeal to families who might already shop with the retailer.

[Image: Flickr user Randy Heinitz]