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Will "Grand Theft Auto Online" Let Players Spend Real Money?

A Reddit rumor suggests players could use money to pad their virtual wallets.

Will "Grand Theft Auto Online" Let Players Spend Real Money?

Looks like you will be able to drop cold, hard cash on in-game currency in the Grand Theft Auto online portion of GTA V when it launches October 1. The "Store" options in the GTA V pause menu are currently inactive, but an eagle-eyed Reddit user uncovered an XML file hosted on Rockstar's servers that includes the following text:

Solve your money problems and help get what you want across Los Santos and Blaine County with the purchase of cash packs for Grand Theft Auto Online. All purchased cash is automatically deposited into your character’s bank account. Spend wisely, cash therapy is fleeting.

If this is indeed the case, there is no word on what it will cost U.S. gamers yet, but Eurogamer reports U.K. prices for the following items:

$100,000 Red Shark Cash Card—£1.99
$200,000 Tiger Shark Cash Card—£3.49
$500,000 Bull Shark Cash Card—£6.99
$1,250,000 Great White Shark Cash Card —£13.49

These details might change before the launch of the game, of course, but it looks like we're getting close to a reveal. Grand Theft Auto V broke records by surpassing $800 million in global sales in 24 hours when it released last week.

[Image courtesy of Rockstar North]