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In New York, Rest Stops Are Now "Texting Zones"

Nearly 300 giant roadside signs will attempt to get drivers to stop texting while driving by alerting them to the nearest "texting zone."

In New York, Rest Stops Are Now "Texting Zones"

Would you be more likely to delay texting while driving if you saw giant roadside signs alerting you to the next text-friendly rest stop? That's what the state of New York is hoping, with a new campaign to repurpose rest stops into 91 texting zones along state highways.

Nearly 300 signs will advertise the newly repurposed zones by prominently displaying information about how many miles are left before the next "Text Stop," along with messages like "It Can Wait."

The signs and texting zones are part of Governor Andrew Cuomo's effort to curb the number of distracted driving incidents in the state. This summer, the number of tickets issued in the state for distracted driving incidents increased 365%, according to WBNG.

[Image: Flickr user Lord Jim]