This Stretchable Electronic Screen Is The Future Of Tech

Researchers have created a super-flexible electronic screen which could be used to create wallpaper that doubles as lighting, wearable clothing, and more.

Over the next decade, digital screens could get much more interesting. A team at UCLA created a prototype stretchable, bendable, and foldable electronic display that’s transparent and emits light. Once the screens are viable for the commercial market, they could be used for everything from light- and data-emitting wallpaper to new classes of smart medical devices and even advanced wearable electronics.

The screen, called an Organic Light-Emitting Device (OLED), uses transparent and stretchable electrodes. “Our new material is the building block for fully stretchable electronics for consumer devices,” said UCLA Professor Qibing Pei in a press release. “Along with the development of stretchable thin-film transistors, we believe that fully stretchable interactive OLED displays that are as thin as wallpaper will be achieved in the near future. And this will give creative electronics designers new dimensions to exploit.”

[Image: UCLA]

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