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Samsung Is Bringing Curved Displays To Its Smartphones

Ahead of the curve or innovation for the sake of it?

Samsung Is Bringing Curved Displays To Its Smartphones

Samsung is leaning towards curved displays on future smartphones. The South Korean tech giant announced the news at a press event in Seoul, and said that the first such product will be on sale in the firm's domestic market as early as next month. Analyst Ben Wood told the BBC that the phones will be part of Samsung's Active range, "so the curved screen is probably to do with making the phone more flexible and rugged."

How much of the technology—plastic OLED panels, which can already be seen in curved-screen TVs and is said to be in store for future iterations of Google Glass—will actually find itself in one of the firm's mass devices remains to be seen. After all, just how practical is a curved screen when you're swiping in a game? The release of this new device, which may or may not have a foldable screen, may just be a display of Samsung's dominance in the curved screen arena, which will be more useful on the firm's smart watches and whatever other forays into wearable tech it has in mind. After all, Frog's CCO, Mark Rolston, thinks curved displays will be at the forefront of technology in the next five years.

Samsung is locked in a battle with Apple for domination of the smartphone market. Although Samsung may have the edge on numbers, it is generally thought that Apple's technology is a shade ahead. Following the launch—and subsequent record-breaking sale—of the new iPhone 5S, Samsung announced it too would be bringing 64-bit chips to its future models.

[Image: Flickr user Dominic's pics]