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With Its First Acquisition, StumbleUpon Sets Its Sights On Mobile Video Discovery

The company announced Tuesday it has acquired 5by to help users stumble upon videos on mobile.

In a move that signals focus on mobile video recommendations, StumbleUpon has made its first acquisition, buying Montreal-based video discovery company 5by for an undisclosed sum.

StumbleUpon CEO Mark Bartels told Fast Company 5by's team of six will relocate to its San Francisco office and continue building out a standalone product that will launch at a later date. Bartels met 5by founder Greg Isenberg about three months ago and began discussing video discovery in the mobile landscape. "Mobile is where a lot of the user consumption is going," he said. "We look at 5by as a way to accelerate our own video and product team."

Mobile video viewing has grown tenfold in the last two years, according to a recent report from video analytics company Ooyala. Yet mobile video discovery brings its own set of challenges. As StumbleUpon builds out its video recommendation engine, it will experiment with new ways to serve videos for smartphones and tablets, including mood-based stumbling. Last week, the company announced revenue totaled $30 million in 2012 and is projected to reach between $35-$40 million this year.

[Image: StumbleUpon]

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