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63. Shara Senderoff

As a young woman working in film and TV production, Shara Senderoff wondered why video hadn't replaced boring print rí댩sumí댩s—especially for internships. So she pitched her boss, producer Mark Gordon (Saving Private Ryan), on a site to help intern-hopefuls be charming and clever. (It can go the other way. Just Google "Aleksey Vayner.") Now the site is used as a recruitment tool by Lionsgate and Warner Music Group. "The interns who are able to convey not only their talents but also their values and goals are the ones hiring managers have connected to," she says.



Writes business plan for Intern Sushi during an internship her sophomore year of college

  • 2007

    Turns an internship into first full-time job as assistant to producer Mark Gordon

  • 2009

    Receives first credit in a feature film on Columbia Pictures' 2012; promoted to Creative Executive of Film at The Mark Gordon Company

  • 2010

    Promoted to Director of Development of Film & Vice President of New Media at The Mark Gordon Company; coproduces Desperados, with Universal Pictures

  • 2011

    Co-founds Intern Sushi and launches beta site

  • 2012

    First intern hired through Intern Sushi

  • 2012

    Celebrates her two sisters as one receives award nomination for biology research at Syracuse University and the other accepts a position with General Electric