Is Your Desk Awesome?

What makes your desk awesome?

That’s exactly what we asked you last week, in an effort to compile some of the best (and most awesome) desks across the world. The inspiration for our question comes from the article “5 Things To Make Your Desk (And Job) More Awesome,” wherein Fast Company‘s Drake Baer explored everything to do with making your work space awesome–plants, collaboration-encouraging seating arrangements, and, of course, cat posters.

Feeling too cold is a physical distraction: Your body tries to solve the problem of keeping warm rather than solving the problem on your computer screen. Artificial light dims you down: You need a daily dose of sunlight to ward off sleepiness.

But if you don’t control the office thermostat and you can’t teleport your desk to beside the window, what can you do to make your workspace feel more wonderful? Work with your desk itself.

If you’re one of the many who responded with the hashtag #myawesomedesk, you might find yourself on our Pinterest board or this slideshow.

If you think your desk is (more) awesome than any of those shown above, don’t hesitate to let us know. Send us a tweet at @FastCoLead with the hashtag #myawesomedesk, and you could find your work space on our Pinterest board.