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People Are Watching BuzzFeed Videos Most During Primetime TV Hours

Will the network go with tiered online advertising rates throughout the day now, like on TV?

People Are Watching BuzzFeed Videos Most During Primetime TV Hours

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti says more people watch videos on BuzzFeed during prime time than any other time of day. The online network that has Most Creative Person Ben Smith as editor-in-chief, is busy breaking records.

"Primetime, watching video for us is the same as for watching television," he said. "People are on their couch watching TV and when the commercial comes on they watch BuzzFeed videos—or when the plot line gets boring, they watch BuzzFeed videos! And then, because social apps are the most popular apps on mobile apps, sharing video has become a huge thing for us. People don't share them or view them as much during the work day, because it's harder to watch a video, but in the evenings, then on weekends, when people are more used to watching video content, there's a massive sharing of videos."

Will the firm, which has its own ad network to bring sponsored content already on BuzzFeed to other sites, introduce pricing tiers for advertising? Doubtful, given the way mobile advertising works (Twitter made its biggest acquisition—MoPub cost it $350 million in stock—earlier this month.) BuzzFeed's writers, however, may find their schedules changing accordingly.

[Image: Flickr user espensorvik]