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Apple Pulls, Then Re-Releases Apple TV Update After Bug Bricks Some Users' Boxes

The only bit of (breaking) bad news for Apple in a stellar week was that its Apple TV upgrade wasn't seamless. In fact, it rendered some users' devices useless.

Just days after one of its most successful product launches ever, a bit of Apple's shine came off yesterday, as the firm was forced to pull a software update for its Apple TV service after users reported that it was playing havoc with their devices. Great chunks of software were missing, apparently, and in some cases, the upgrade completely bricked their devices. Cupertino tinkered under the hood, and the update, which allowed users to stream iTunes and iTunes radio through their TVs, has now been re-released with the offending glitches smoothed out.

The firm has also had to reimburse iTunes customers who paid in advance for the fifth season of Breaking Bad and then found, due to AMC splitting the final series into two halves, they had to purchase "The Final Season" a second time. Those affected should be due a $22.99 credit note in their iTunes accounts. It was not Apple's fault, says Apple.

[Image: Flickr user alexbrn]