• 09.24.13

Experience Sandra Bullock’s Floating Space-Terror Online Before Seeing “Gravity”

You are alone in space and you will probably die. Have fun!

Gravity, the most stressful-looking critically acclaimed movie of 2013 by a wide margin, sees theatrical release on October 4th. To get audiences prepared for watching Sandra Bullock and George Clooney float in space with no clear indication if they’ll be lost forever, Warner Brothers has also released the most stressful online simulation of 2013, the Gravity Experience.


“You are floating alone in the vastness of space. Use your thrusters to navigate.” These are all of the instructions you get (along with an indication of which mouse-click will send you backward and which will send you forward), but they do a fine job of setting the tone for a desolate online experience made all the more bleak by the a soundtrack marked primarily by the incessant breathing of your lost-in-space hero or heroine and the occasional staticky radio transmission. Created by production company B-Reel, the simulation isn’t fun, exactly–in fact, it’s kind of an uncomfortable bummer–but when gearing up for a surefire Oscar-bait exploration of the greatest fear we didn’t know we had until we first saw the film’s trailer, “fun” isn’t really the point.

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