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75. Ethan Marcotte

Freelance Web Designer, How To Make A Web Page Dynamic

75. Ethan Marcotte

The biggest word in web design now is responsive, meaning a site redesigns itself as users shrink the browser size or load it onto a mobile device. When went responsive in September, the media world swore they'd catch up. Responsive pioneer Ethan Marcotte was behind the Globe design; he's also worked with the Sundance Film Festival and The Today Show. The key, he says: Prioritize information beforehand.



Graduates from Middlebury College

  • 2009

    Marries Elizabeth Galle

  • 2009

    Cowrites Designing With Web Standards (3rd edition) with Jeffrey Zeldman

  • 2011

    Writes Responsive Web Design

  • 2012

    Is part of the winning group for the Boston Globe's Best Designed Website award from the Society of News Design