58. T.J. Miller

Actor of Comedian, How To Be Funny Everywhere

58. T.J. Miller
Illustration by Zoran Lucic

T.J. Miller is a comedian who has starred in Cloverfield, Our Idiot Brother, and Comedy Central’s Mashup; released a 41-track comedy-rap album, The Extended Play EP; and hosts the podcast Cashing in With T.J. Miller.


On the subject of being a writer-performer, Miller says, “The negative aspect is that the audience expects more from us, and it puts the onus on us to figure out how to have a presence in many mediums. It’s almost overwhelming for the performer and sometimes for the audience. But the upside is it takes away the power from rare Tonight Show spots, which in the past could change your life. The audience is trained to be okay with everything not being polished and perfect. You can experiment more because everybody’s not expecting everything you put on Twitter to be gold.

“… It’s on the artist to decide their identity in each medium. My Twitter can be an identity that isn’t all golden jokes, and my podcast appearances can be a different thing.”

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  • 2008

    Named one of 12 rising stars of comedy by Entertainment Weekly

  • 2009

  • Named one of ten comics on Comedy Central’s “Hot List”

  • Impresses producers of Yogi Bear by filming his audition tape with an actual bear

  • Regularly contributes to Chelsea Lately on E!