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56. Rachael Chong

Founder of CEO of Catchafire, How To Make People Enjoy Volunteering

56. Rachael Chong

Catchafire's Chong has caught some fire

Photograph by Dorothy Hong; Infographic by Brian Rea

Rachael Chong runs what amounts to an eHarmony for not-for-profits—a service matching volunteers with charities, built with the help of former Hulu and Etsy engineers. It was based on this observation:

"If you're a banker or designer and your volunteer experience involves painting a house instead of applying your talents, you probably don't feel your time was well spent," says Chong, a former investment banker at UBS and a regular volunteer. Her site now matches nearly 2,500 not-for-profits and 10,000 "pro bono professionals." One of the keys to those happy marriages: Not-for-profits pay Catchafire a fee, creating an incentive to make good assignments. "You need skin in the game," says Chong.