54. Flavio Pripas & Renato Steinberg

Cofounders of Fashion.me, How To Socialize A New Market

54. Flavio Pripas & Renato Steinberg

This Brazilian duo, both former IT chieftains for major world banks, are not fashionistas. (Just ask their wives.) But by watching their stylish partners shop, they found an opportunity for the Internet to be the on-trend friend for those in need of advice. Fashion.me, which has more than a million customers, offers various customization options by busting apart designers’ offerings, so women (97% of its users) can mix and match, dress virtual models, tag photos, and let others weigh in or suggest combinations. And everything links back to a site where goods are for sale. “Fashion is a social phenomenon,” Renato Steinberg says, “and no one had captured that experience and put it online.”

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