41. Chelsea Howe

Director of Design of SuperBetter Labs, How To Get To The Next Level

41. Chelsea Howe
Illustration by Alison Cowles


Rising-star designer whose most recent game helps users achieve health goals or recover from injuries


What’s the greatest hurdle you face in game development today?

“We need to get over this idea that games are just for fun. Games have so much potential to make us feel and think and let us explore humanity. Games are going to be the dominant artistic expressive medium for the next 100 years.”

What inspiration outside of gaming do you find most valuable?

“I look for moments that fill me with wonder. When I was on a beach in Europe, I saw a jellyfish floating. I researched it and learned that this creature lives its whole life just getting blown around. I thought, What would you do if you had no control over where you went? Then I built that into a game.”

What can creators of other types of content learn from your work in gaming?

“There’s so much that you can learn from just watching people play–whether it’s games or watching people exploring a system, which is kind of what games are. The power of games is to help us explore all of the potential we have.”

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