32. Marvin Ammori

Lawyer of The Ammori Group, How To Kill A Bill On Capitol Hill

32. Marvin Ammori

As Silicon Valley hones its political agenda, Marvin Ammori has become the go-to First Amendment guy–as evidenced in January, when he helped destroy PIPA and SOPA. His method: “You’re only going to win if you have better ideas, better persuasion, and better ability to organize people.”


Step 1: Spot a bill’s weakness

Step 2: Form a story

Step 3: Recruit big advocates

Step 4: Kill the bill


  • 1998

    Graduates from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in three years, with honors

  • 2003

    Graduates cum laude from Harvard Law School

  • 2004

    Publishes the first of several academic articles on First Amendment theory; the paper is now assigned in a First Amendment theory course at Harvard Law School

  • 2007

    Serves as head lawyer for Free Press, the U.S.äóÁí_Œçíëíí«Œés largest non-profit advocacy group working on open Internet and media reform issues

  • 2007

    Serves as an advisor to the Obama campaign on technology, media and telecom and advises Obama Presidential Transition Team on FCC Review

  • 2007

    Handles the Comcast-BitTorrent case before the FCC and the DC Circuit federal appeals court

  • 2009

    His filings on competition in online films and TV shows result in the most significant legal conditions imposed by the Department of Justice in the Comcast-NBC merger.

  • 2011

    Leads the coalition that brings down SOPA and PIPA