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27. Andrew Yang

Founder of Venture For America, How To Create Jobs

27. Andrew Yang

To Andrew Yang, the greatest problem in American business goes like this: We have brilliant people doing nonsense. So he aims to siphon some geniuses into places that matter more than investment banks. His organization connects grads with startups, aiming to foster a generation of entrepreneurs who can create economic value. (And he has industry support: McKinsey and Ideo will participate in a training camp for grads, and IAC is a sponsor.) One day, Yang hopes, the economy will be fueled by a new success path:



Leaves Davis Polk LLP; cofounds

  • 2002

    Founds and runs a party network in New York City

  • 2006

    Becomes CEO of Manhattan GMAT at 31

  • 2009

    The Washington Post Company/Kaplan acquires Manhattan GMAT

  • 2011

    Founds Venture for America; named Champion of Change by the White House