Pinterest’s Article Pins Let You Save Stories To Read Later

Pinterest‘s visually-driven platform makes it an ideal place to collect photos of everything from hairstyle tutorials to apartment interiors to recipes. And although you might not think of the site as a place to discover news stories, Pinterest’s Malorie Lucich tells Fast Company more Pinterest users are using the platform to pin five million articles (and growing) per day.

“For a lot of people, reading and discovering and sharing articles is an interest, and Pinterest is all about interests,” Lucich says. Pinterest, like Evernote or Pocket or Instapaper, has become a tool for users to save articles to read later, and in the process it’s made Pinterest a growing source of referral traffic for media sites.

The article pin is the newest version of the specialized, “more useful pins” Pinterest first began introducing “more useful” pins in May to provide supplementary information for pins containing recipes, products, or movies. Recipe pins, for example, now include information like cook time and a list of ingredients; product pins offer updated information on pricing and where to buy; and the new article pins will include a story’s headline, author, description, and a link to the original source.

Pinterest is introducing the new article pins today with around 30 media partners, including Fast Company, who together cover a wide range of interests like fashion, travel, parenting, business, and technology.

[Image: Flickr user Sarah Korf]CC