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With Steam OS, Valve Wants To Dominate Living Room Gaming

Gaming giant Valve is continuing its quest for living room domination with SteamOS, a Linux-Steam mashup which ports games and streaming content directly to televisions.

With Steam OS, Valve Wants To Dominate Living Room Gaming

Gaming giant Valve finally unveiled the details of its much-awaited SteamOS today. The Linux/Steam mashup is designed to help Valve jump ahead in the connected devices wars—and to give living room-centric rivals like Apple, Google, and Samsung pokes in the eyes. For gamers, SteamOS's main selling point is that it makes playing Windows or Mac games on television much easier; however, the underlying tech is designed to make Valve's services indispensable for connected device manufacturers.

The new operating system also promises bigger and better games. "In SteamOS, we have achieved significant performance increases in graphics processing, and we’re now targeting audio performance and reductions in input latency at the operating system level," Valve said in a release, adding, "Game developers are already taking advantage of these gains as they target SteamOS for their new releases." The OS also enables family game sharing and streaming content play on televisions as well.

SteamOS is the first of several product announcements expected this week from Valve; the company's next one is planned for Wednesday.

[Image: Valve]