IOS 7 Has Some Bugs, And This Tumblr Is Documenting Them

Apple, take note: The perfectionists using iOS 7 have noticed a few inconsistencies.

The iOS 7 operating system has been available to the public for less than a week now, but those who have upgraded have already noticed a host of bugs within the user interface.


Astute observers have been contributing screenshots to the Tumblr Sloppy UI, which has collected issues with misaligned pixels, Z-index, font sizes, and more. While Apple’s known to strive for perfection, the company should take note of this Tumblr, which is, in essence, a growing to-do list of bugs to squash. Noticed some quirks while fiddling with iOS 7? Contribute your own via Tumblr or Twitter.

[Image: Flickr user Steve A Johnson]

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