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A Rough Week Gets Rougher: BlackBerry Pulls BBM Apps After 1.1 Million Downloads

An unreleased version of the Android app caused the smartphone maker to pull its iOS and Android apps.

BlackBerry's had a rough week. On Friday, it announced revenue expectations for the second quarter would fall $1.44 billion short of analyst expectations, resulting in plans to cut 40% of its workforce. Saturday wasn't so forgiving either, as the smartphone maker's BlackBerry Messenger app hit snags (at least this was in part due to surprising uptake by users, who quickly noticed and downloaded an Android version not meant to be published).

Both of BlackBerry's iOS and and Android apps were put on pause after the unreleased version of the Android app was posted online. More than 1.1 million people were already using the app in the first eight hours of the iPhone app's launch. The Android version, which the company said caused issues it attempted to fix before pulling, will be disabled. BlackBerry has not announced a date for its launch.

[Image: Flickr user Matthew Hurst]