Yes, The New IPhones Are A Huge Success: 9 Million Sold

Apple’s new iPhones have blown past previous sales records.

Yes, The New IPhones Are A Huge Success: 9 Million Sold

Reports on over the weekend suggest Apple sold out of the launch shipments of the brand-new iPhone 5S in under two days. By Saturday evening, Apple’s digital stores in the U.S., U.K., China, and other launch countries were reporting no availability for all nine different variants of the new iPhone 5S, and delivery dates slipped to October.

Now Apple’s confirmed the news: In the first three launch days the iPhone 5S and 5C have sold in total over 9 million units. That’s nearly twice last year’s iPhone 5 launch total of 5 million units, and tops even the most enthusiastic analyst expectations. The new iPhones have broken a sales record, Apple says, and it also notes that over 200 million devices are already running its brand new iOS 7 operating system. That is, so Apple says, “the fastest software upgrade in history.”

Separately a report from analytics firm Localytics places the sales figure in context. Localytics has been looking at telltale signature data from the new iPhone 5S and 5C and has concluded the two phones are already accounting for close to 1.5% of all U.S. iPhones in use. Globally, the firm estimates the new phones, which are only on sale in 10 nations, make up 1% of all iPhones in use. The 5S is outselling the 5C, the company thinks.

Apple’s iPhone sales are so strong that the company has taken the unusual step of issuing updated financial guidance, noting in an SEC filing that it “expects total company revenue for the fourth fiscal quarter to be near the high end of the previously provided range of $34 billion to $37 billion, and expects gross margin to be near the high end of the previously provided range of 36% to 37%.”

What Apple’s felt the need to do is to alert its investors of the iPhone success so that they aren’t caught on the hop when the company reports its next financial data to be much higher than expected. This could imply that even Apple has been surprised by the scale of the iPhone sales.

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