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Since the Palo Alto garage days of the mid-1930s, Stanford grads Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard understood the power of a good partner. Today that spirit of two building a better one continues to drive the tech giant. HP’s 2008 revenues rose 13% to $118 billion, thanks to CEO Mark Hurd’s prescient purchase of global services company EDS–and a slew of clever sales, product, and partnership moves.


Among them:

Collaborating with DreamWorks SKG led to the DreamColor Display and notebook, which offers a billion-hue kaleidoscope on a 30-bit LCD. Pro designers as well as amateur photo enthusiasts will experience a Wizard of Oz-like moment with a 30-bit LCD that presents a billion-hue kaleidoscope that truly puts the tech in technicolor.

The company has also been on the forefront of netbook computers with its Mini 1000 and MIE Linux-based “clutch” subcompacts. Looking to target more women consumers, HP teamed up with fashion designer Vivienne Tam who designed a Mini in brilliant laquered red with periwinkleCK peonies.

Multitouch offerings with intuitive software aren’t just on desktop and laptop models. Looking to expand its reach, in January HP revealed touch systems for use in coffee shops, fast food chains and other commercial venues.

Bill and Dave ought to be proud.