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10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Apple And The Simpsons, The Science Behind Naps, And More

Have you ever wanted a bird’s-eye view of, well, a bird’s-eye view? This (and much, much more) in this week’s top 10.

Strap in, you’re about to fly like an eagle.

2. How “The Simpsons” Fixed Apple’s iPhone Keyboard
The story of how then-Apple SVP Scott Forstall turned to a very unlikely source of inspiration for the iPhone keyboard: The Simpsons.

3. The Science Behind What Naps Do To Your Brain–And Why You Should Have One Today
Fast Company

With science on your side, you no longer need an excuse to take a midday nap.

4. Why Lego Principles Don’t Work On Smartphones

A deconstruction of the latest smartphone buzz, Phonebloks.

5. All 80 Original “Star Trek” Episodes Rendered As Movie Posters

Star Trek conquers the next frontier: posters.

6. 4 Persuasion Tricks Facebook Uses To Keep You From Quitting
Fast Company

If you’re trying to call it quits with Facebook, prepare yourself for a rough breakup.

7. Watch A Girl Age Into An Old Woman Before Your Eyes

The story behind Danielle, the five-minute video that captures a lifetime.

8. These Tiny Wooden Houses Are The College Dorm Of The Future

Housing is expensive. So why not have students live in cubes they can afford?

9. 8 Unobvious Ways To Have Way More Energy At Work
Fast Company

Feeling sluggish? Yeah, us too. 8 ways to fight back against the fatigue.

10. Inside The Hammerhead, An Urban Cyclist’s Dream Device

The story behind the Hammerhead, the ultimate tool built for cyclists, by cyclists.

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