• 09.20.13

Apple Is Past Its Expiration Date? The iPhone Lines Seem To Suggest Otherwise

Straight outta Cupertino, straight into the shops and online retail warehouses… and straight out again.

Apple Is Past Its Expiration Date? The iPhone Lines Seem To Suggest Otherwise

So, some phone we may or may not be that excited about is going on sale today. And, regardless of whether you are one of Apple’s cheerleaders or you’re just not that into them, the size of the queues gathering outside the firm’s physical retail outlets should give the firm’s detractor’s pause for thought. Record sales are expected–Londoners who didn’t pre-order or sit in a queue will have to wait for two weeks now, according to Twitter.


And all of this despite the discovery of several bugs in Apple’s new OS, iOS 7. One of these, discovered by a soldier living in the Canary islands, is a passcode hack which allows the more nefarious amongst us to bypass the lock screen and, in just a few seemingly random steps, get into someone else’s phone. Apple has said it is working on a fix, but hasn’t yet given an indication of when that will happen. Its first software update yesterday fixed, says ThreatPost, 80 security bugs, but not that one.

Want to see what the new packaging for the iPhone 5S looks like?

It seems that Jony Ive and his design team at Cupertino were right. Despite a negative reaction from some quarters the gold iPhone 5S is seriously in demand. Not all of us are Heisenbergs, it seems. On the Apple Store’s U.S. website, none of the 5S models in gold are shipping until October. The firm, however, has reacted sharply and is boosting its gold production by one third. If you want one in the more prosaic gray or white, it will be on its way to you within three days.

As with all new Apple products, queues started forming a few days ago. According to the Guardian, all of humanity was there outside the London store, from Norwegian students who had flown over yesterday to stand in line, to a realtor from the commuter belt who was going to sell his place–he said–to a guy from Dubai for $7,000. This line, outside the Regent Street shop in Central London, was one mile long this morning.

But all of this is noise–albeit entertaining, distracting, and ephemeral. Let us wait for the signal on Monday morning, when Apple reveals how many units it shifted on these new phones’ debut weekend. Expect the numbers to be impressive as, for the first time, the latest models will be available simultaneously in China, a vast and emerging market for the firm.

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