You Can Check Out The Hotel Oldboy Anytime You Like, But You Can Never Leave

The Hotel Oldboy doesn’t actually look all that comfortable. Despite the room with a view, 24/7 private security, full-time medical staff, room service, maid service, and on-site library, these posters for Spike Lee’s upcoming Josh Brolin-led remake of the 2003 South Korean film seem a bit… menacing.

You can attribute that to the muted color scheme, and the fact that Brolin appears in the first poster wearing a headband for the first time since The Goonies–or to the prior knowledge that fans of the original film, who seem to be the obvious target for this viral campaign, will bring with them to the posters. But the point of Oldboy is menace, and while Lee’s remake has been met with plenty of skepticism from loyalists of Park Chan-wook’s original adaptation of the Japanese manga, the posters make it clear that, at the very least, he’s setting the right mood.

See the teaser trailer below.