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40_ Aldi Süd

WHEN FOUNDED 1960 HEADQUARTERS Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany CEO Presidents Jason Hart and Chuck Youngstrom NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES Private Aldi Süd total revenues for most recent fiscal year Private what the company is most famous for Invented the “hard discount” category where a limited number of mostly private-label products are sold in warehouse-style spaces. … Continue reading “40_ Aldi Süd”

40_ Aldi Süd

At a time when consumers are overloaded with choices, the discount supermarket chain has built a global empire by offering fewer: between 1,000 and 1,500 items at near-wholesale prices, versus a typical U.S. supermarket’s 30,000 items. To keep costs down, its products are mostly private-label, and only cash and debit cards are accepted. Aldi Süd now operates nearly 4,000 warehouse-style spaces in 10 countries. It’s set to open 80 new U.S. stores this year, for a total of more than 1,200.


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