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Call it the Fantastic Four ... billion. Disney's unexpected purchase of Marvel Entertainment—and its 5,000 comic superheroes—this past August was perhaps the entertainment giant's boldest bit of derring-do in a year filled with creative leaps and aggressive moves. From crafting a subscription-based e-reader site for young kids to buying a nearly 30% stake in Hulu, from rethinking Mickey Mouse's image to scoring a crucial beachhead in the Chinese market with Shanghai Disneyland, Disney's innovations span the globe. We give a few supersmart exploits the full Marvel treatment.

The Invincible Steve Jobs

Disney is rebranding 340 of its flagging mall outposts as entertainment hubs—with interactive kiosks, karaoke contests, and video-projected fireworks—under the guidance of board member Steve Jobs.

Captain Iger

Disney announced its own cloud-based film technology, Keychest, which lets consumers purchase a movie once and then play it across devices, whether a smartphone, TV, or laptop. The move lets CEO Robert Iger sidestep the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem, or DECE, a consortium that aims to create a common set of standards and formats.

The Incredible ESPN

Disney's Own Superheroes

ESPN and ABC Sports president George Bodenheimer beefed up his European sports portfolio—and snagged half a billion soccer fans—when he bought the rights to air the English Premier League.

X Factor

After transforming Disney Channels Worldwide from a sleepy cable backwater into a television powerhouse (hello, High School Musical!), Rich Ross took over Walt Disney Studios. In an unexpected play, Disney appointed Carolina Lightcap, former creative head of Disney Channels Latin America, as Ross's replacement.