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The Ubuntu Smartphone May Be Dead, But The Mobile Operating System Is Not

Canonical is moving forward with its mobile operating system, Ubuntu Touch.

The blockbuster project that shattered crowdfunding records and fell short of its own target is seeing new light. While the Ubuntu Edge smartphone failed to meet its ambitious $32 million goal, Canonical is moving forward with its mobile operating system Ubuntu Touch.

In a blog post written by QA community coordinator Nicholas Skaggs, Canonical announced a release date of Oct.ober 17 for Saucy Salamander, a release that includes Touch, which can be installed on the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10. An email on the Ubuntu Phone Team list also confirms that developers are ironing out kinks in the operating system as it readies for an October launch.

Despite a failed Indiegogo campaign, the actual hardware, Ubuntu Edge, could still get produced. Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth told the Guardian that smartphone manufacturers have been intrigued by the open platform, which appeals to the quarter of smartphone owners who use their devices as dumb phones.

[Image: Flickr user Andrew Mason]

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