Stock Footage Gets a Hilarious Lip-Reading Edit In “Getty Dubs”

Finally, someone decided to combine the audio hijinx of Bad Lip Reading videos with one of my favorite pastimes–making fun of stock footage–and the results speak for themselves (well, with the voices dubbed in).

“Getty Dubs” is the latest from a YouTube crew called Getty Critics, which formed this past summer. Up until now, the group only released a couple of short snippets of Getty stock footage with funny sounds added in. The new video, however, adds the previous material to an abundance of goofily juxtaposed riches.

“There’s a reason stock footage doesn’t have sound,” a caption reads at the start of the video. The following 4:20 set about proving that statement correct. Any time a person opens his or her mouth or appears to be making noise in these scenes–which are often used in commercials to evoke the general feeling of a product–proves ample opportunity for the dubbers to wreak some havoc.

While adding rabid dog-noises to a scene of a family brushing their teeth is just silly, though, adding excited wheezing to a woman open-mouth staring at a computer screen shines a light on the weirdness of what stock footage seems meant to convey.