iPhone Predicted To Sell Like Crazy As iPad Rumors Begin

Early analysis of iPhone 5s and 5c sales looks like good news for Apple, just as rumors about the new iPad heat up.

iPhone Predicted To Sell Like Crazy As iPad Rumors Begin

As has happened for earlier Apple products, KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has guesstimated high first sale figures for the brand-new iPhone 5s and 5c. While typically analysts’ data is not to be relied upon, their expertise can lend more than a little credibility to predictions. In this case, the data looks pretty positive for Apple because Kuo suggests between 6 million and 8 million units may be sold over the launch weekend. That’s a big jump over last year’s iPhone 5 launch sales of 5 million units.


Kuo, in an investor note, says that Apple is unlikely to report on the sales numbers until Monday, after the launch window, and will probably only reveal the iPhone 5s and 5c figures in aggregate. This is in keeping with earlier Apple strategies that have had the company reporting its first weekend sales immediately and lumping the iPad 4 and iPad mini into a single figure last year. Kuo imagines that 5s supply limitations mean it’ll only make up 35% to 45% of sales.

This is all interesting, of course, because even at the low end of Kuo’s estimates, the iPhone 5s and 5c would sell 20% more than the iPhone 5 did–a huge success. Apple is launching the iPhone in China as a primary launch nation for the first time, and it looks like the phone is in high demand. Only time will tell, though, and we’ll certainly know the truth on Monday.

Meanwhile, even as the fuss over the iPhone and iOS7 is building to a clamor, there are new rumors about the upcoming iPad refresh. Apple chose not to include the updated iPad in the recent iPhone launch event, although from many hardware leaks we know it’s coming. One rumor suggests an October 15 launch date, one day after Google is planning to show its updated Nexus 5 phone.

Still more hardware leaks suggest that the new iPads may come in the same brushed metallic colors as the iPhone 5s–the new “space gray,” white and, possibly, the controversial gold. What’s not known yet, although there is significant speculation on the matter, is what chips the new iPad will be running.

There’s a degree of truth to the “specs don’t matter” trend that’s emerging in tech, but in this case, the power inside the iPad is going to be interesting: Apple revealed its new A7 chip with the iPhone 5s. It’s a powerful 64-bit CPU, but recent analysis suggests it only runs on two cores. The iPad is a bigger, wilder, flashier beast than the iPhone, and Apple can afford to run more powerful tech inside it–this supports that it could be a laptop replacement, which the iPhone can’t quite manage. Can Apple have prepped a more powerful A-series chip for the iPad? After all, the new Infinity Blade III game, which was an iPad-only title in its first incarnation due to power concerns, was revealed at the last iPhone event. So what does Apple have planned to showcase its new iPads?

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