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For its mix of sports, style, and yes, plastic bottles.


The recycled polyester for Nike's jerseys came from a Taiwanese supplier that cut up, melted, and spun plastic bottles into a yarn. Nike used 13 million plastic bottles to produce jerseys for fans.
8 Bottles Per Shirt

Prop Styling: Erica Blumenthal (Nike)

Nike rescued 13 million used plastic bottles, melted them down, and wove them into polyester. Then they created high-performance jerseys (eight bottles per shirt) worn by nine teams during last summer's World Cup. The company also released the Environmental Apparel Design Tool, which helps industry designers make environmentally friendly decisions. "We want to collaborate," says Lorrie Vogel, general manager of Nike's Considered team, which oversees the company's sustainability efforts. "To learn how to thrive in a resource-restrained world, we have to hold everyone to the same standards."