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For building the future of telecoms

Huawei ranked fourth on the list of companies filing the most patents in 2010, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization, moving down two spots from 2009. Smart Phones

Forget 3G and 4G: China’s Huawei Technologies leads the market in LTE (long-term evolution), the newest mobile-network standard, and it’s working on what it calls “100G” technology to wirelessly transmit massive amounts of data at ultra-high speeds. Such ambition and the commitment of nearly half its staff to R&D have helped Huawei become the world’s second-largest telecom-equipment supplier. That most people still haven’t heard of it is due largely to its geographic focus; more than 75% of revenue comes from India, China, and Latin America. But it wants to raise its brand recognition–it’s introducing an affordable smartphone that it hopes will “democratize” that technology–and make Huawei a household name.