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Yahoo's iOS 7 App Focuses On Breaking News, Lets You Read Later

The app also incorporates cinemagraphs (subtly animated photos) to bring news stories to life.

  • <p>Yahoo's iPhone app has been updated to include breaking news.</p>
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    Yahoo's iPhone app has been updated to include breaking news.

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    Users can save stories to read later on their mobile devices. Save functionality will arrive for desktops in the coming days, Yahoo says.

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    Users can easily switch between categories on the new app.

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    Yahoo is incorporating cinemagraphs (subtly animated photos) into news stories.

Updated for iOS 7, Yahoo's iPhone app has been refreshed to bring breaking news and read-later functionality. The app also incorporates cinemagraphs, photos that are subtly animated (like GIFs), to enhance news stories for mobile.

When CEO Marissa Mayer spoke at TechCrunch Disrupt last week, she described Yahoo as a personalization company focused on organizing content and ads for users. The updated app is reflective of that, customizing news stories for people to read, discover, and save. Yahoo has added breaking news into the app, letting users follow along with stories as they develop, with editors updating information in real time. Similar to Instapaper, a new My Saves feature, which will land on the desktop site in the coming days, lets readers bookmark articles to read later on the mobile app. In addition to photos, some stories will include cinemagraphs as a way "to bring the story to life," wrote Fernando Delgado, Yahoo senior director of product management, mobile and emerging products, in a blog post.

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