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The Commercial Space Race Is On: Orbital Science Corp. Launches Rocket To Space Station

In another historic moment for the new era of commercial spaceflight in the U.S., a new Antares rocket has just taken off.

At 10:58 EDT today, an Orbital Science Antares rocket took off successfully from NASA's Wallops launch site in Virginia. Even as you read this, it's flying a Cygnus into orbit in preparation for docking with the International Space Station in what is, so far, a seemingly flawless mission.

Orbital Sciences is part of the brand new space race between long-established names in space technology and younger, bolder new companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin. Orbital, along with SpaceX, was selected by NASA to develop and then use private rocket tech to deliver vital supplies to the ISS in the post-Space Shuttle era—a long lull before NASA's own rocket systems are ready.

SpaceX has successfully flown two Dragon capsules aloft, and is already deeply involved in the next generation of its Falcon rocket system—including a radical version, which may be able to land vertically back on the launch pad, thus saving money on each launch.

[Image courtesy NASA TV]

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