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Google Glass Explorers Can Give The Tech To Three Friends

Now there will be four people at a party wearing the headsets, rather than just one.

Google Glass Explorers Can Give The Tech To Three Friends

Google looks like it could be solving one of the problems that it has with its Glass headsets: the lack of interaction between users. The firm recently sent out emails offering Glass Explorers—they the early adopters of Sergey Brin's wearable tech idea—the chance to give up to three friends access to Google Glass. This ups the ante from a similar offer back in July, allowing the Explorers to invite one friend.

A post on Reddit, however, suggests that the offer is a limited test, as not all Explorers have received the email. Lest anyone thinks that a grand-and-a-half's-worth of tech will come for free, said three friends will, of course, have to pay for their editions of Glass. The eyewear is expected to go on sale to the general public by the end of 2013.

The only caveat of the offer, aside from the existing ones of being a U.S. resident and over 18, is acceptance—and payment—within seven days. For anyone not so keen on the Glass concept, there are, of course, these.

[Image: Flickr user tedeytan]