Google’s Nexus 5 Smartphone Filmed After Being Left In Bar

Google’s next top-rank smartphone, its own-branded Nexus 5, has been filmed in action and the videos have hit the web.

The videos were captured when a Google employee left the phone unattended for a brief period in a bar, which allowed someone present to temporarily toy with the device. The phone was, sadly, locked so there’s not much to see of the Android KitKat installation itself, but at least we get a sense of how the phone looks and feels as well as getting to see its 5-inch display in action (a spec that was released via an FCC filing for the device last week).

There’s an amusement factor to this news, of course. Google hasn’t officially announced the Nexus 5 yet, although reports that its predecessor the Nexus 4 has sold out in some stores suggest it will arrive soon. But it was through a pre-release late-stage prototype device being left in a bar by an Apple employee that the world got its first good look at the iPhone 4–an event that resulted in tech publication getting into serious legal trouble with Apple. Apple last week revealed its iPhone 5S and 5C, likely the hottest direct competition for the Nexus 5, although various bits and pieces about the phones had hit the web before the launch.

[Image via]KE