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Go Behind The Scenes Of The Epic Stratos Space Jump In New Film From Red Bull And Rdio

On the first anniversary of human daredevil Felix Baumgartner’s freefall from space down to Earth, Red Bull and Rdio have teamed to bring viewers a free documentary about the craziest thing a person ever did.

Go Behind The Scenes Of The Epic Stratos Space Jump In New Film From Red Bull And Rdio

It’s been nearly a year since Felix Baumgartner took his still-completely-mindblowing jump from space back down to Earth. And while you may think you’ve seen enough of the supersonic freefall (the video, captured with GoPro cameras and placed on YouTube on October 14th of last year, has clocked nearly 35 million views over the past eleven months), Red Bull–which backed Baumgartner’s plummet from 128,000 feet–is wagering that there’s more that you’d like to see of the (frankly insane) dive.

To that end, the energy drink company has partnered with streaming music service Rdio to distribute the Red Bull Media House documentary Mission to the Edge of Space: The Inside Story of Red Bull Stratos. The film hits Rdio as a streaming exclusive on the one-year anniversary of Baumgartner’s jump. Because Rdio is a music company, they’ve also commissioned a song from indie rockers Portugal, The Man, for the film that will be available on the service for streaming, as well.

The documentary itself features footage that, according to a press release from Rdio and Red Bull Media House, will “reveal undisclosed dramas which threatened to keep the project on the ground throughout its five year span.” Those include an issue with Baumgartner’s faceplate heating, which apparently almost brought the jump to a halt before it started.

There’ll also be a livestream event on Rdio noon EST on October 14th as Baumgartner provides commentary on the video of his 4:20 freefall for the first time. Presumably he will say something other than, “I was pretty sure I was going to poop my pants there,” every time he looks up at the screen–but how that’s possible, we’ll be excited to learn from both the livestream and the documentary.

See the the actual jump below.

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