• 09.18.13

An Outpouring Of Developer Feelings About iOS 7, Most Of Them Negative

On Tuesday Apple seeded the Gold Master version of iOS 7 to developers, which is the version before the final release. We survey the reactions here.

An Outpouring Of Developer Feelings About iOS 7, Most Of Them Negative

After four months in beta, iOS 7 was released today. But there seem to be problems. Developers have been saying that the iPad Gold Master wasn’t stable enough for public release, and they’re freaking out as they try to finish iOS 7 versions of their apps. Others have decided to take their time transitioning to iOS 7.


This sentiment by Matt Johnston, the CMO of software testing company uTest, is representative: “We have companies coming to us in an absolute panic. You are going to read some horror stories of very popular apps two weeks after launch that suddenly see their app reviews go way, way down.” Below, some other quotable reactions.

Peter Steinberger, an app developer based in Vienna, tweeted on Wednesday:

And the weather forecast app company Dark Sky tweeted that they won’t have an iOS 7-compatible app ready by the 18th:

U.K.-based programmer Mike Tendler is working down to the wire:


As is Apple itself:

And the Twitter client Tweetbot is just waking up to the problem:

But some apps like Reeder and Happier are on top of it and have already released iOS 7 versions:


If the Nook App has it together there’s really no excuse.

The iPad Gold Master complaints are concerning, too. Everyone from iOS developers to beta interlopers is noticing bugs and problems with the iOS 7 iPad release.

One thing Apple and iOS developers have in common right now should be a desire to quickly and efficiently resolve their respective issues to maximize positive buzz and minimize profit losses from code that just isn’t ready. Maybe it’s lucky, then, that a whole subset of people are tweeting about their reluctance to leave the security blanket that apparently is iOS 6.

Finally, here’s one negative sentiment excerpted from Dave Verwer’s iOS Dev Weekly:

If you were planning to get an app into the 7 store for day one then hopefully you had it ready to submit as of the end of the keynote as submissions opened up just a short time after Elvis Costello left the stage. As expected, review times are rising sharply at the moment so if you are in the queue I wish you good luck on getting it live in time.

[Image: Flickr user Caitee Smith]