Most Innovative Companies 2011 Top 10 In biotech

01 / Amyris »
For deploying novel methods to fight an old foe, the malaria parasite.


02 / Omeros
For a new test to identify potential drug receptors.

03 / Synthetic Genomics
For its multi-application approach to synthetic microbes.

04 / Galapagos
For its super-efficient drug pipeline.

05 / Amgen
For a new osteoporosis drug that could also battle hormonal breast cancer.

06 / Fate Therapeutics
For devising an innovative way to test drugs on human cells.

07 / NovaBay
For antibiotic-like compounds that fight their battles by mimicking the human immune system.

08 / Oncogenex
For protein-targeting, chemo-boosting cancer treatments.

09 / Myelin Repair Foundation
For its unorthodox, highly collaborative approach to drug development.

10 / Kane Biotech
For a wound-care spray that could aid and speed healing.